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Move-Out Procedures

  1. Provide at least a 30-day Written Notice to Vacate
  2. Lessee is responsible to provide to the Lessor a written forwarding address, and the “intended” vacate date.
  3. If Lessee requires an extension for vacate, the “Anticipated or Actual” vacate date request must be submitted in writing to Lessor, along with payment of the prorated daily value of the rent paid in advance.
  4. Request, in writing, a pre-Move-Out Inspection at least 20 days prior to vacate. Preliminary Move-Out Inspections do not require you to be present. If you wish to be present, the inspections are by appointment only Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm and are based on the availability of the Lessor. Indicate at least 3 options available to you. Lessor will do their best to meet Lessee’s request. Preliminary move-out inspections are available at least 20-days prior to vacate and by appointment only. The Lessor is not responsible to move furnishings or personal belongings to complete the preliminary vacate inspection. An estimate for repairs is provided to Lessee for items beyond normal wear and tear. Additional charges may apply for items not disclosed by the Lessee or damages that have resulted between the period of the inspection and the vacate date.
  5. Lessee is responsible for excess normal wear and tear for Paint & Carpet. Excess wear and tear is defined using a prorated calculation of replacement costs for Paint and Carpet. Lessee bears full cost of replacement for damages. See Security Deposit paragraph.
  6. Lessee acknowledges complete vacancy is validated by removal of all personal property, including trash, return of all keys and remotes no later than 5:00pm of the vacate date.